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HW4-EAP - HOMEWORK 4(DUE 03/31 to TAs desk 1 Detection of...

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HOMEWORK 4 (DUE 03/31 to TA’s desk) 1. Detection of certain gases can be based on their abilities of absorbing infrared or ultraviolet light at certain wavelengths. List two criteria gaseous pollutants that can apply such detection principle and briefly explain the methods. List one type of measurement interference that would occur applying this detection principle. (10%) 2. Explain how a Dichotomous sampler can measure both coarse (PM 2.5-10 ) and fine (PM 2.5 ) particles. (8%) 3. Q 7.14, 7.16 & 7.23 (12%) 4. You are located downwind from two oil-burning power plants. One is located 0.3 km NE of your location and burns 1400 kg of 0.5% sulfur oil per hour. Its effective height is 60 m. The second plant is located 0.5 km NNW of you and burns 1600 kg/hr of fuel oil containing 0.75% sulfur. The effective height is 40 m. The wind is blowing from NNE at 3.3 m/s (measured at the standard height of 10 m). For a class B stability condition, what is the SO 2 concentration at your location at ground level? (14%) 5. Two coal-fired furnaces discharge into one stack, 100 m tall.
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