SYLLABUS-AirIntro - Prepared on 09/13/11 Syllabus ENV 4101...

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Prepared on 09/13/11 Syllabus ENV 4101 Elements of Air Pollution /ENV 5105 Foundations of Air Pollution, Spring 2008 Instructor: Dr. Chang-Yu Wu Office Hour Teaching Assistants : Lindsey Riemenschneider ( , BLK 412, TBA) Prerequisite : CHM 2046, PHY 2049, EES 4200 Professional component : 3 credits of Engineering Design Textbook : Air Quality, 4 th Ed , by Thad Godish, CRC Press, ISBN 156670586X. Class notes are available at the course's website: Course Description : Sources, effects and regulations of air pollutants. Meteorology and dispersion of air pollutants. Sampling and analysis of gaseous and particulate air pollutants. Photochemical air pollution and mobile sources. Course Objectives: By the end of the course, the student will be able to do the following: 1. To explain the structure and composition of atmosphere and determine the properties of gases and aerosols. 2. To explain the atmospheric, health and welfare effects of air pollution. 3. To calculate the kinetics and equilibrium of gas phase reactions in combustion systems and in the atmosphere. 4. To explain the scales of air motion, to determine the atmospheric stability and to calculate air dispersion. 5. To describe the principles of gaseous and particulate monitoring systems 6. To describe air regulations 7. To explain air resources topics to the professional society and general public Calculation of Course Grade : UG G 1. Homeworks: 20% 40% 2. Quizzes 20% 30% 3. Midterm Exams: 40% 4. Project 20% 30% A 90 B+ 82-88 B 74-80 C+ 67-72 C 60-65 D+ 55-58 D 50-53 E 48 Grade is NOT curved in this course. It is theoretically possible for everyone in the class to get an A (or an F ). Your performance depends only on how you do, not on how everyone Prepared by Dr. Chang-Yu Wu
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Prepared on 09/13/11 else in the class does. It is therefore in your best interest to work with your classmates in every possible legal way. There will be a “ gray area ” of 2 points between the specified numerical cutoff grades. Two people getting the same weighted averaged grade might therefore get different course
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SYLLABUS-AirIntro - Prepared on 09/13/11 Syllabus ENV 4101...

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