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Guidelines for Midterm Progress Report The purpose of a progress report is to update the reviewer (say your client, boss, and in this case it's Dr. Wu) the current status of your project. It should provide enough information so the reviewer can clearly tell that the project is moving on the right track but not to flood the reviewer with megatons of information. It should include at least 3 sections: Objective, Up-to-date results and Future Work. Objective In a short paragraph, state the objective of the project: what you will achieve by the end of the project. Very often, the reviewer may have many things going on ( e.g. daughter get married, computer crashed ) and does not remember specifically the objective of your project. The exception is that you have done a very impressive work or an extremely lousy job. Hence, it will be helpful to have a reminder. However, there is no need to provide justification again why it is important to carry out this project; that’s your proposal’s job.
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