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Notes for Bioaerosol Lab Report

Notes for Bioaerosol Lab Report - from that...

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Notes of Lab 3 Report 1. While the relationship between RH and temperature to bacterial aerosol survival was discussed, the connection was not made to the ratio of living to nonliving (and therefore non-cultural) cells in the sample. 2. When discussing the concentration of viable E. Coli in the sample air, 100% collection by the impinger was assumed. Conditions with this assumption (including loss of viability as a result of collection, inefficient collection) should be discussed. 3. When comparing methods of bioaersol sampling, it is important to talk not only about physical collection but also retention of viability and the type of information available
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Unformatted text preview: from that method (viability, mass, size). 4. The word “impinge” was misused in many lab reports. Impinge is a verb, impinger is a noun. 5. In your conclusion you should record not only the concentrations of impinger and sample air but your conclusions regarding bioaersol sampling methods. Also, this would be a good place to note uncertainty in calculations including but not limited to sampling inefficiency. 6. It would be good to note in your report that only viable E. coli is counted and that non-viable concentration is unknown using this method....
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