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TSI 3563 Integrated Nephelometer

TSI 3563 Integrated Nephelometer - Pa r t i c l e I n s t r...

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Pa r t i c l e I n s t r u m e n t s Our high-sensitivity, three-wavelength Integrating Nephelometer with backscatter shutter (Model 3563) is designed for short- and long-term measurements of the light-scattering coefficient of atmospheric and laboratory aerosols. Particularly well-suited for studies involving climate, visibility, and air quality, the Model 3563 offers these key fea- tures: Sensitivity to light-scattering coefficients as low as 2.0 × 10 -7 per meter (60-second averaging time) High vacuum integrity that ensures accurate meas- urements, even when sampling much cleaner or more polluted air than the instrument s immediate surroundings Real-time background subtraction of Rayleigh scat- tering of the air itself from the total scattering sig- nal by measuring sample pressure and temperature Real-time, PMT dark-current and light-source compensation using a rotating reference chopper Measurement of total (7- to 170-degree) and back- scatter (90- to 170-degree) signals using a rotating backscatter shutter to block the illuminated sam- ple volume from 7 to 90 degrees Simultaneous three-color detection for wave- length-dependent measurements Other features include: Internal relative-humidity and temperature sensors Built-in heater to minimize condensation on the instrument walls caused by high humidity Minimal sample heating to preserve the relative humidity of the aerosol sample Onboard microprocessors to collect and process data, control all instrument functions, and communicate with an external computer A variety of signal outputs to accommodate various computers and data loggers Automatic filter loop to purge the sample vol- ume with clean air for zero-reference calibration Minimal aerosol sample loss through the system Selectable averaging time (from 1 to 4096 sec- onds) Internal clock with battery backup Model 3563 Integrating Nephelometer Determine the integral scattering coefficient of aerosols in the cleanest atmospheric conditions.
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Applications TSI Integrating Nephelometers are designed specifically for studies of direct radiative forcing of the Earth s climate by aerosol particles, or studies of ground-based or airborne atmospheric visual air quality in clean areas. They may also be used as an analytical detector for aerosol particles whenever the parameter of interest is the light-scattering coefficient of the parti- cles after a pretreatment step, such as heating, humidi- fication, or segregation by size.
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