Homework 2 - HOMEWORK II(DUE ON Mar 3 1 You are located...

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HOMEWORK II (DUE ON Mar 3) 1. You are located downwind from two oil-burning power plants. One is located 0.3 km NE of your location and burns 1400 kg of 0.5% sulfur oil per hour. Its effective height is 60 m. The second plant is located 0.5 km NNW of you and burns 1600 kg/hr of fuel oil containing 0.75% sulfur. The effective height is 40 m. The wind is blowing from NNE at 3.3 m/s (measured at the standard height of 10 m). For a class B stability condition, what is the SO 2 concentration at your location at ground level? 2. The traffic density for I-75 is 10,000 vehicles/hr and the average vehicle speed is 80 km/hr. The wind speed perpendicular to the highway is 3 m/s. the average CO emission per vehicle is 20 g/km. For an overcast day, estimate the CO concentration 1 km downwind from the highway. 3. Given the following roadway segment and receptor location configuration and other data, calculate the expected ground-level CO concentration at the receptor: CO emission rate = 10,000 μ g/m s; Class is E; u = 2 m/s; H = 0 m. At x = 30 m, for Class E, assume σ y = 12 m and z = 8 m. Highway and recptor configuration are as shown below. 4.
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Homework 2 - HOMEWORK II(DUE ON Mar 3 1 You are located...

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