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HOMEWORK III-AERMOD (DUE ON Mar 17) Consider a stack in an urban area near Tampa and obtain the TSP concentration of this assumed stack in receptor points. Assume the stack to be in the middle of a square shape area and calculate the concentrations in this (10 km x 10 km) square. Please use the latest available data as meteorological data where land use type is just urban. Stack diameter is 4 m, base elevation is 0 m, stack height is 50 m, emission rate is 1 lb/hr, flue gas temperature is 400 K and flue gas velocity is 2 m/s. Besides, the coordination of the stack
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Unformatted text preview: is Latitude = 27.691 and Longitude = 82.540. Use an arbitrary map (you can use the same map inside the tutorial folder as its DEM file is also available there) and make any more assumptions that you may need. Also, there is a 1-floor cylindrical building (height is 30 m and diameter is 60 m), 2 km in west side of the stack. Please make sure these are included in your final results and mention your assumptions. 1. Surface meteorological file (.sfc) 2. Upper air file (.pfl) 3. Wind rose 4. Contour graph of concentrations...
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