Homework 5 - (4) In order to get more reasonable result,...

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HOMEWORK V-VICREEN (DUE ON Mar 29) A paper mill is proposed near a Class I area in Utah. The emission rates for this paper mill  are projected to be 40g/s of particulates, 300g/s of nitrogen oxides, 120g/s of sulfur dioxide  and 10g/s of primary sulfate. Fig 1 shows the relationship between emission source and Class  I area. The distance between AD = 60 km, CD = 200 km, BD = 90 km. The federal land  manager requires the scientists to consider the plume visual impact both inside an outside the  Class I area. (1) From Fig 1, where should we put the observer? (2) From Fig 1, what are the closest Class I area boundary and the most distance Class I area  boundary? (3) Use Level 1 of VISCREEN to decide whether this plume is significant or not. Also,  obtain the lines of sight with maximum predicted visual impact.
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Unformatted text preview: (4) In order to get more reasonable result, the scientists do more measurement on the size and density of the particle in the plume (as shown in Table 1). They also measure the meteorological condition; the relationship between weed speed and stability is shown in Table 2. Decide which metrological condition is the worst-case in reality. Is the plume visual impact significant in such a condition? Table 1 Particle size data Particle type Size Index Density(g/cm3) Plume particular 6 2 Primary sulfate 4 1.8 Fine particulate 3 2 Coarse particulate 8 4 Table 2 Meteorological condition No Stability Wind speed(m/s) 1 F 2 2 E 1 3 E 2 4 D 5 Fig.1...
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Homework 5 - (4) In order to get more reasonable result,...

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