Homework 7 - Homework VI I OCD (Due on 04/12) A fictitious...

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Homework VII OCD (Due on 04/12) A fictitious volcano off the coast of California erupted on September 22, 1985 at 1 am, emitting 200 g/s SO 2 continuously for 20 hours. The volcano is 1 km tall and 3 km wide. The gas was released at 800 K and 4 m/s from a vent that measures 3 m across. The temperature provided is air minus water temperature and the overwater humidity provided is wet bulb temperature. Determine the maximum 1-hour concentration on the nearby beach for the 20 hour period. Include the following in your homework submission: (1) screenshot of the map of shoreline, sources, and receptors, (2) any assumptions you made, and finally (3) the value of the highest 1- hr SO 2 concentration (you will have to open up the primary output file and the concentration is shown near the end under “five highest 1-hr concentrations”). Latitude boundaries : 33.0 N to 35.0 N Longitude boundaries : 118.0 W to 120.0 W Volcano location (relative to map boundaries): X = 80km Y = 70km Beach location (relative to map boundaries): X = 100km Y = 140km **Before starting the program, copy and paste all of the text below into a notepad file and save it as filename.txt or filename.dat. When you start the program, click FILE > OPEN and then choose the filename you just created. This will imbed the meteorological data into the control file in ASCII format. In addition, after selecting RUN > RUN OCD, for the ASCII overwater met data file you will need to choose WMET.DA0 (which is a sample that came with the program) to use for the overwater meteorological data. Text to save in notepad file: Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 ---------------- Run title (first 3 lines, INPUT GROUP 1)-----------------------
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(OCD takes the first three lines of this file as the run title) OCD MODEL CONTROL FILE -------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only those data that are enclosed by proper delimiters, the exclamation marks, will be retrieved by OCD. All other information is used for comments. For the sake of completeness, other data that are not required by the current run will still be included in the control file; however, they are enclosed by different delimiters, the number signs. Therefore the user can simply 'activate' those input fields accordingly when the model options are changed. The 'default values' mentioned below will only be specified by the Graphical User Interface (GUI) program. OCD still requires all necessary inputs be explicitly specified in the control file. If you run OCD without the GUI, then all input varialbes whose values are not assigned in the control file will be given a value of zero, which is not necessarily the default. INPUT GROUP 2 -- Flag for normal run vs. test run (mandatory)
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Homework 7 - Homework VI I OCD (Due on 04/12) A fictitious...

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