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改322[1] - Depending on where you are...

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Depending on where you are raised, when you were raised, and who raised you individuals will have different ideas of when it is appropriate to have sex. I personally think that sex is alright to have however; only after you are married. I have a fairly old fashioned take on sexuality and for me it is not right to have sex with multiple partners only with your husband or wife. In the old Chinese feudal society, female cannot talk to men, and they cannot touch each other. Only if they have a special relationship or they have some important things to do. Otherwise, female will be punished by their families. Also somebody will say some bad words about them. In the old days, if people were not married and they had sex with others, the woman would be pulled out and tied to a pillar in front of ground, then others will be abused her. Moreover, women would be tied up and thrown into the river till they drowned. I think the reason that people did this was because their ideas were too closed and their knowledge was too limited. With the development of our society and more and more people are getting educated.
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