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poland_last_questions - Eggs during Easter are decorated...

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The major majority of people in Poland are _______ when it comes to religion? a. Buddhist b. Catholic c. Jewish d. Protestant A traditional Easter soup is _______? a. Zurek b. Kapuniak c. Krupnik d. Zupa Orgorkowa In Communion Bread represents _______? a. the Earth b. body of God c. nothing d. body of Christ
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Unformatted text preview: Eggs during Easter are decorated with ______? a. dye b. wax pencil c. stencils d. both a and b Christmas dinner traditionally has _______ courses? a. 1 b. 12 c. 15 d. as many as they want On Holy Sunday Horseradish represents ______? a. Poland b. God c. fear d. none of the above...
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