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411.Conference_worksheet - 4 Is there anywhere you want me...

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English 411: Essay #1 Conference Worksheet Fill out this sheet BEFORE your conference. 1) Overall, how do you feel about your essay? I think it is an organization essay. I summary the stories, show my thesis, give evidences, and my explanation. Finally I conclude what the author infers from this story. 2) What specific questions would you like me to answer to help you revise your essay? 1. Do I need to add more detail in my essay? ____________________________________________________________________ 2 .For the “Door Way” do I need to talk about it? ___________________________________________________________________ 3. How about my topic sentence for every paragraph and my conclusion?
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Unformatted text preview: ____________________________________________________________________ 4. Is there anywhere you want me to add more? Thank you very much! ____________________________________________________________________ 3) What do you particularly like about your essay so far? Actually, I like my conclusion. I think my explanations parts good too. Conference day & date: _July 20, 2010______________________ Conference location: _________________________ Bring with you: TWO copies of your second draft; underline your thesis. Brainstorming notes This worksheet filled out A pencil or pen Your textbook Missing your conference equals two absences. Please be on time!!...
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