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English 411 Ms. Malnig E SSAY ASSIGNMENT #2 -- “Powder” In the short story, “Powder,” we are very aware of the setting. Wolff makes us aware of the physical landscape, the weather, the road, the car. Write an essay in which you show how Wolff’s use of the setting enables us to understand the characters, their relationship and/or the choices they are facing. Below is a list of some of the physical places or things mentioned in the story. For evidence, you should choose at least one item from each column and discuss its possible meaning. The snow Physical Objects Bitter blinding squalls(l. 10-11) The road Hissing like sand The diner Nothing but snow (l. 66) The Austin Healy Fresh powder (l. 123) R EQUIREMENTS : Length: Minimum: Three (3) double-spaced typed pages, 12-point type (800 words) Due dates: Draft #1: Mon., July 26 (in-class exercise) Final portfolio: Monday Aug 2 (also due is submission of final draft to
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Unformatted text preview: TurnItIn. You will begin to lose credit if you do not submit your essay to TurnItIn by the due date.) No more than 6 correctable grammar errors per page. ENG 411 1 Essay #2, prompt T HINGS TO THINK ABOUT AS YOU APPROACH THIS ESSAY : What is the literal meaning of the different types of snow and the other objects? Where and when does it or do they appear in the story? What associations can you make? What might the symbolic meaning of these objects be? E XPLORING THE ASSIGNMENT : In your own words, what does the assignment ask you to do? What will you do before you write? What will you include in your introduction? What will your thesis statement be? What could be possible topic sentences for your paragraphs? What will go in your conclusion? What might your title be? ENG 411 2 Essay #2, prompt...
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