310_honesty[1] - Generally speaking honesty is the best...

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Generally speaking honesty is the best policy. Telling lies usually gets people in trouble and being honesty is morally and ethically correct. In every walk of life people should try to be honest no matter who they are. Honesty is key to forming strong solid relationships. By building trust and being honest people will respect you and want to be around you. However, for every rule there is an exception. Before telling the truth or lying one should properly weigh the consequences of their actions. The difficult thing about honesty is that one needs to try consider everyone that will be affected by the decision being made. "Thinking Ethics: The Rules of the Game" by Robert C. Solomon carefully lays out guidelines for being ethical and moral. Rule number four, "Think of yourself--and your company--as part of society, not just "the market." This statement is the key to being honest. The problem is many people think as a market. This means that they think their actions are limited only to a very small scope. If people only think that their decision will affect a small group of people they do not tend to care what happens. However, this is the wrong way to think about honestly. It is never okay to not be honest just because you think it will only affect a group of small people. If people act like this they are not only not being dishonest but they are being unethical as well. Next, people fail to realize no matter how large or small their decision is the scope can be larger than they realize. Eventually after discovering this they will realize they are being unethical and if they
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310_honesty[1] - Generally speaking honesty is the best...

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