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Greenpeace Greenpeace is a nonprofit organization that's goal is to better the environment. They use different ways to do their causes such as protesting and petitioning. However, their protests are a hot topic of debate. A famous recent example is when fifty-four Greenpeace protestors were arrested for sending the night on top of the British Parliament building. The head of Greenpeace feels this is not only necessary but that they need to step up their efforts. "In some ways we will probably intensify it because all the science is telling us that time is running out for the planet" ("Greenpeace Chief: breaking laws. ..", 2010). However, are they correct? Should they be allowed to do these extreme actions? Some people feel that Greenpeace is doing the right thing by bringing people's attention to important environmental issues; however, others believe that Greenpeace is not good because they disobey the law when they protest. The way Greenpeace protests is known as civil disobedience. This means that a group or individuals makes a decision to break the law in order to draw people's attention to a plight. There is much debate over whether this is permissible and under what circumstances it is necessary to do this. As for me, I think Greenpeace is a good organization because they protest on behalf of the environment; however, they should use a legal way or change the way they protest. Greenpeace is an organization that is well known for its environmental activism. According to the official Greenpeace website they were founded in 1971. This small band of environmental activists left Vancouver and went to Amchitka Island in Alaska. There they were protesting United States nuclear testing. Even though they were putting themselves in danger and were intercepted by the United States coast guard this was the beginning of a new trend in activism. Today, Greenpeace is an international organization with offices in over thirty countries around the world. They protest a wide variety of environmental issues. Greenpeace is currently
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working on the issues of global warming, oceans, forests, nuclear energy, and toxics. Greenpeace feels it is necessary to protest because of the poor condition of the environment and how it is getting worse every day. Also they feel that they can change the world. Greenpeace wants to do good things but sometimes they break the law when they protest, that is why people debate if they are right or wrong. While Greenpeace is on a worldwide mission to make the Earth a better place and cut
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greenpeace_final_may17[1] - Greenpeace Greenpeace is a...

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