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1. In the article “the serpent”, the author is working for an organization that provides operations for developing nations. 2. One of the patients has a horrible mishap during one of the procedure. 3. The surgeons accidentally inject the patient’s eye with a fluid that permanently robs her of her vision in that eye. 4. The staff now faces a moral dilemma. 5. They need to decide whether they should expose what happened or cover up the truth. 6. Finally, the chief surgeon along with the author decide to keep the incident a secret. 7. Even though they are hiding the truth, they believe it is better for the country, the organization and their reputations. 8. Though what happened was tragic, they needed to look at the whole picture. 9. The author points out that the patients can get service that they could not get in their country. 10. Therefore, in order to keep providing individuals with the chance for better vision,
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Unformatted text preview: they lie, even though one patient will never learn the truth about what happened to her. 11. I believe that the surgeons made a correct decision. 12. Though what happened was sad, it was an accident. 13. Just because someone made mistake, they should not be punished severely. 14. Many factors need to be taken into account when reviewing the incident. 15. First of all, it was the busiest time for the organization and they were working harsh conditions. 16. Though measures were taken avoid incident and verify they were doing everything correctly, no measure is foolproof. 17. Furthermore, this is a free service for people. 18. Since this is a humanitarian cause the organization should not be shut down just because one operation went wrong. 19. People need to deserve what the world health inc. is giving them; thus, the organization should continue to be open....
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