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1 The United States Constitution was originally thought up to make up for the weaknesses of the Article of Confederation. The articles were drafted originally to combat the central control that was so prevalent under English rule. However, it left far too much control to the states and lacked true central governmental control. Lack of central government meant that polices could not be enforced on national level. Thus, dealing with foreign affairs would be nearly impossible to deal with. Though the Constitution was meant to give more power to a central government there was still the concern of giving too much power to one executive power. Therefore, a system of checks and balances were put into action. In order to make sure no one branch of the government had too much control a judicial, legislative, and executive branch. These three branches would enforce, interpret, and draft laws. When the
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Unformatted text preview: Constitution was being drafted the committee carefully examined previous documents and attempted to incorporate elements from them that they found desirable. Many ideas were drawn from the British Parliament and the British Bill of Rights. An important part of the Constitution was making it a document that could be changed at any time. Since its ratification there have been twenty-seven total amendments to the Constitution. The first ten were ratified at once and were known as the Bill of Rights. These added more rights to citizens individual rights. Whereas the actual Constitution sets up the way the government runs. In the end the United States decided on making a democratic republic. Like any other government it is not a pure democracy nor it is a true republic in the strictest sense of the definition....
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