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2 - 2 In order to change the Constitution there are two...

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2 In order to change the Constitution there are two steps that need to be taken. The change must first be proposed then ratified. The proposal of an amendment occurs in one of two ways the first is if the amendment is proposed by a two thirds vote from each house. On the other hand the if two thirds of the states demand an amendment then a congressional convention has to be called to order. No matter the way an amendment is proposed for it to be ratified it has to be approved by three fourths of the states. Additionally, it is up to congress to determine whether the amendment is to be ratified by the state legislation or a state convention. Thousands of amendments to the United States Constitution have been proposed however, there have only been twenty-seven that have been ratified. Many of the early amendments were to provide rights for citizens. Such as giving them freedom of religion, freedom of press, the right not to testify one's self when on trial and numerous other of a similar nature. Additional amendments since the Bill of Rights have primarily
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