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Unformatted text preview: Recently the quality of American education has become a debate issue. Critics of American education noticed that American students have lower aptitude for mathematics and languages compared to other countries. Some people think that this fact is misleading, because Americans take a different approach to education and have other important skills. However, others argue that this is a bad sign and that America must find a solution so that they can compete with other countries. As for me, I agree that the quality of American education is a good for children. As Kie Ho argues, the American style provides lots of room for children to explore their own abilities. Also American education not only helps students to show their talents but also allows them to participate in school activities. I agree with Kie Hos opinion because in his essay We Should Cherish Our Childrens Freedom to Think he points out the difference between education systems in America and other countries Despite Americans poor math and language skills, America is still a country of...
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