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AAS 300 ____________________ Kobashigawa name: SHORT ID TEST #1 - Pre-1848 (6 points, due: ) For readings: R. Takaki Ch 1,2; E Hu-deHart; K Starr Chs 1-3, 4. Provide a concise accurate answer In the space provided. E. Hu-deHart (2002): The concept of ‘diaspora’ as applied to Chinese by E. Hu-deHart challenges the popular understanding of the Chinese American story in terms of America as a nation of immigrants. In what ways? K. Starr, Ch 1-3:
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Unformatted text preview: California society was highly fluid and complex at the moment of arrival of the first Chinese in, say, beginning of 1849. Identify some of the major contenders for influence described by Kevin Starr (name at least 5 types of people). R. Takaki, Chs 1,2: The ‘sojourner’ was a stereotype used to distinguish Chinese and other Asians later from the ‘good’ European immigrants. What was the reality according to historians?...
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