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AAS 300 Kobashigawa GROUP RESEARCH PAPER Due dates: Draft on Wed Nov 30 and final version on Mon Dec 12 The aim of the research paper is collaborative research and writing skills through more in-depth treatment of a specific topic in Asian American and California history. (25 points plus 5 pts for co-editing) Group work . Form into groups of 3. Pick any assigned reading. Identify one or more historical or contemporary themes in the reading to write about in the group paper. Each group member should contribute a section to the paper under their own name and contribute to the jointly written introduction and conclusion. Research for the paper should be based on library and online database searches for published, scholarly sources that provide information on other historical examples of the Panel’s theme. The draft done by the 1 st deadline will be exchanged with another group for peer editing (for credit). After editing, the draft should be revised and turned in as final version by the
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