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Russell Jeung, Ph.D. Asian American Studies Dept. San Francisco State University Writing a Coherent, Persuasive Paper 1. Develop a thesis for the paper or for that section of the paper Use your thesis statement as an argument that can be summarized in one sentence. You can suggest that “x causes y”, or that because of “x reasons, you think y.” Don’t use the essay’s topic as the thesis, but make a statement about the topic. Be sure to state a thesis in your introduction! 2. Paragraphs should each make a point related to your thesis 3. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence A topic sentence summarizes the key point of that paragraph. 4. Relate each new paragraph to the previous paragraph, especially to its last sentence Use transition phrases in your topic sentences to connect paragraphs: Show additions to previous paragraph: “Furthermore” Show time in relation to previous paragraph: “
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Unformatted text preview: Eventually ,” Stop and compare paragraphs: “ Similarly ,” Stop and contrast paragraphs: “ Although ,” Give examples of previous paragraph: “ To illustrate,” Emphasize previous paragraph: “ In fact ,” Repeat previous paragraph: “ In other words ,” Draw a conclusion: “ Therefore,” 5. If you quote another person, be sure to explain your use of that quote Contextualize the quote by explaining who said it and why. Analyze that quote by highlighting the point of the quote and add your own insight about that quote. Example : Russell Jeung, in his book Faithful Generations, writes of Asian American panethnicity and asserts “the power of symbolic racial identities draw people together, as well keep people apart.” (2004: 159). In creating group boundaries, these racial identities also can be used to mobilize social movements....
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