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Dear Accounting scholars of mine, A kind reminder: Your first Essay is DUE soon. It should be a scholarly essay, meaning that you ought to have one or more references and citations, which methods must follow the editorial policy of the Accounting Review. Other essay writing guidelines that I set forth in your Course Outline ought to be observed. As far as the source of information, your basic sources are the textbook Chapter one, and any other OPTIONAL [if you care to add] source of information. My grading scales are 95% for an ace, 85% for OK papers, 75% for those not implementing the citation / writing guidelines, and 65% for those papers without much scholarly substance. A paper not being turned
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Unformatted text preview: in during a grace period of say two weeks will get automatic 55%. My aim is to get you into the habit of writing concise scholarly papers. As long as you meet all the guidelines, you will be generously rewarded. So please relax, and write a concise and honest paper on the topic that is in the Schedule. You’d want to do it quickly, with no pursuit of perfection and no procrastination. A paper emailed in, without my prior approval, shall get 20% deduction according to a footnote item in your course activity schedule. It is a charge for my work and time to open your email and print and read your paper separately on its own. Isn’t it fair? Best wishes, Jay Kang...
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