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Examples for Response paper #3 Sheet #2: The student is a first grader(around 6 years old) with ADD(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). He would disturb other students by kicking their chairs, making loud noises and didn't obey teacher's instructions. The class size is 20 students. It's a weekend Chinese School. Sheet #3: Grade: 9th (high school freshman) Age: 13-14 years old Where: public high school Class size: 37 Class title: French 1 (second semester) Early on in the class, I had about 8-9 students who had a very hostile reaction to being called on to participate. These students refused to get out of their chair, regardless of whether they were simply asked to stand up or come to the front of the room. One girl, in particular, would often respond angrily, "Why you gotta always pick on me?" despite the fact that she is, in reality, rarely called on. Sheet#? I gave the example from my observation of a 14 year-old girl sitting in a grade 8 public school classroom. It is a beginning level Chinese class, which consists of 25 students.
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FL751.Response.Paper_3_.Examples - Examples for Response...

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