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KIC000004 - mm’enis ~2oo4(sen Outstanding 1990 ICm-pmumu...

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Unformatted text preview: mm’enis; ~2oo4 (sen) Outstanding, 1990 ICm-pmumu lepm-Iuhelde Ismael McIle'LMnfll Inenk-ndmmrhm Stocks Elstocks (equity) are certificates representing partial ownership in corporations Dlnvestors may earn a return by receiving dividends and capital gains DStocks have a higher expected retum and higher risk than long-term debt securities I e markets n . Derivative Security 5'; An mement between two parties to exchange a star: rdquanti of an asset eta predetennined price on a sped red date in the future. ; Financial contracts whose values are derived from the values of underlying assem : 2 uletlng with derivatives allow investors to ' benefitfmm increaseeor decreases in the underlying gains if ...
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