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KIC000026 - Characteristics of Debt Securities(cont’d...

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Unformatted text preview: Characteristics of Debt Securities (cont’d) :- Credit (default) risk (conrd) nRaflngagencies .Wsimmwmmw: Watchman” - Wmmmhmh mumwmm nammmmmmmmm m‘lmmmmwflnm-I ammmhwmmmh wmmwmwmsmwaw bettu‘byS‘lmdl'd-thoor‘l Characteristics of Debt Securities Rating-s Assigned hy' Description of Security Standard and Pam's Characteristics of Debt Securities (cont'd) I Credit (default) risk (conl'd) nShiits in «edit risk premium: uTherisk premium correspondingto a particular bond rating can chance overtime nAcwracy of credit ratings - In general. credit ratings haveservadas reasonabieindicamwme Iiketihood afdefault nored'rtraflngagenciesfionutmdelect financiat problems of firms “unk bonds ...
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