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KIC000092 - VQ l I A secondary stock offering is DA new...

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Unformatted text preview: VQ l I A secondary stock offering is: DA new stock altering by a firm Mose stock is already publicly traded l:r Undertaken to raise more equity to expand operations Cl Usually facilitated by a securities firm i 2 Ownership and Voting rights l:l The owners are permitted to vote on key matters concerning the firm: . Election of the board of directors I Authorization to issue new share: I Ptppmvalof mnendments to the corporate charter I Adoptionot bylaws l:l Voting is often accomplished by proxy El Management typically receives the majority of the votes and can elect its own candidates as directors Investor Participation in the Secondary Market I The price of a tirm's stock represents the value of the firm per share of stock: Value of firm Number of shares Cl The stock price by itselt does not clearly indicate the tin'n‘s value I: The return on the investment is demrmined by dividends received and the price at the stack from the time when they purchased the shares until they sell them Stockprioez l/l/lll W Le, ...
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