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KIC000120 - Chapter 22 Consumer Finance Operations mwmmmumm...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 22 Consumer Finance Operations mwmmmumm mem-W-mmmm urine-Imu- Chapter Outline I Types of finance companies I Sources of finance company funds I Uses of finance company funds I Regulation of finance companies I Risks faced by finance companies I Captive finance subsidiaries I Valuation of a finance company I Interaction with other financial institutions I Participation in financial markets I Multinational finance companies Types of Finance Companies ij. ;' i I Consumer finance companies focus on providing financing to consufiers of retail or whole sale store El It can sponsor a for a retailer n Customers can purchase me products on credit in Also provide @«m individuals ., a Mortgage loans 3- Business finance companies offer loans to small businesses. n Provide loans to finance a Loenalo finance the purchase of material used for production 5 Also provide financing in the form 914%": employees. ...
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