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KIC000132 - 55 Background on Mutual Funds(confd I...

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Unformatted text preview: 55%;: Background on Mutual Funds ,(confd) \ I Information contained in a prospectus i:i The minimum amount of investment required CI The investment objective i:i The return on the fund over the past year. the past three years. and the past five years D The exposure of the fund to various types of risk i:i The services offered by the fund E1 The fees incurred by the find that are passed on to investors . (cont'd) I Estimating the net asset value El The net asset value (NAV) of a mutual fund indicates - . the value per share I Estimated each day by determining "is market value of all semrities wmprising the find, adding interest or dividends. end subtracting expenses then Eli-riding by the number of shares outstanding I ‘ Philly Mutual Fund has 50 million shares lesued to its » ‘ investors. It used the proceeds to buy stock in 100 3‘ different firms. These shares have a market value of i $100 million. In addition. Philly incurred $7,000 in ' expenses today and collected interest and dividends ‘ totaling $5,000. What is the net asset value per share? Net asset value = Market value of hand/number of shares ...
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