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KIC000135 - i i Front and Load I Legal limit = 8.5 I Offer...

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Unformatted text preview: i i Front and Load I Legal limit = 8.5% I Offer discount such as u Breakpoints— Volume discounts as you i t more :3 Most funds waive loads for funds over $ D Right of accumuialion- Discount on a fan“ y fund El Letter of Intent _ Investors oommit to invest a large amount El Free transfers — Allows transfers between funds Back End Load I Withdrawal fee- 5 to 6% the first year and then declines in subsequent years A I Some funds have special features such egg '-_ Ellnvestors can withdraw dividends and oapitali gain without charge nSornelimes investors can withdraw a certain ; . 3 percent every year without die 1 t - DAlso free transfers within the se fund famili' No load Funds El No—load funds are promoted strictly by the mutual fu n d of concern I Preferred by investorSwho feel capable of making their own investmlnt decisions I Recently, some small na-Ioed funds have bemme load funds because they muld not attract sufi'lcieni investors It iii-i ...
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