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KIC000137 - x it “make I Growthfunds are composed...

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Unformatted text preview: x it “make; _ I Growthfunds are composed ofstocks of maturing companies that are expected to grow at a high rate I: The primary ohiadiveia to inoreeu value I Capitol appreciation funds are composed of stocks that have high growth potential but may be unproven u Sultan to invworswho are Willing to risk a possible Iosa in value I Gmwthnndincomefunds provide potentiaifor — : ‘ with some stability in Stock Mutual Fund Categories 'f-__ (cont’d) I lntemational and global funds El International tunds invest in foreign securities El Returns on intametional funds are affected by the foreign oompanies' stock prices and the movements of the currencies that denominale the stocks CI Global funds include some US. stocks f Stock Mutuai Fund“ Categories (cont'd) I Specialty funds focus on a group of companies sharing a particular characteristic U e.g., energy or banking I Index funds are designed to match the performance of an existing stock index El e79” Vanguard 500 I Multifund funds invest in a portfolio ofdifierent mutual funds to achieve more diversification 10 ...
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