KIC000115 - co'p" wm comee"""-~\ro...

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IG Corp- IG Corp! IG Corp Treasury. Treasu Treasury. FIN 327 - Fall 2010 Prof. Hood Static (Z)Sprea Youmust e-mail a This assignment is 10 th at Spm. late p - answers; the first 0 ----I member's iast nam- Excelformulas shou and then tYPethem - ,_-~----~:~;~=-----_========= = __ Youwill need to use _ current Treasury yiel from YOurproject 1 s- o:; G:s{ ( ( 1__ http:Uwww.bloombe ---~ httP:Ucxa.marketwat, .~ ~---~-~[~)(l Go to the FINRA Bondi between 5 and 10 year it was traded). look up -,_ the date you collect ths from Bloomberg in your ~ For simplicity, assume tl-~====~~=======~~~:C;~~iQQ5=:=-=~=~~
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Unformatted text preview: co'p" wm comee"""-~\ro' o.\!tib()l'\S 1) Calculate the yiel,----,-r."~:::1:-{'(~:-=-=. .t:-:+ ·1\. .... v :f,l'N~ _-_ _ ~_h-±...r-. .llr=_~\-'-'-t->_.t~ ==-;-coupon payment· T-__ yieldooth",o,", . _ J_ 1-I._ , V 2J <~:::::,p~t",,,-t-to a'chuXu . . w,;:iudmmt ~IL", I- ---t--if" I . Ww--illJ,l~CW\L----=-=~G~L(6.6 I -~Oll.-tn.o£vr~ Cu'l ,~ J- 1-I.SD. .c:.!Xl'" ~ ~o '-60-.,,"----., 1.6D:::; Of2fJR.-neo9Po/ n5t1Ii(ivld~ t IV >------I====~=======-==-=...
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KIC000115 - co'p" wm comee"""-~\ro...

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