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Unformatted text preview: Problem for first homework assignment 1 1 Background Our genetic information is encoded in the DNA of our cells. This is merely a code, much like the code of a computer program, for the production of biological molecules, called proteins , that make up who we are. The conversion of DNA into protein happens in two steps. First it is converted into mRNA , another chemical substance, that contains the same genetic information as DNA does. This step is known as transcription . In the second step, called translation , mRNA is converted into protein. In short: DNA → mRNA → protein. 2 Model In the lab, we can interfere with the transcription process and measure the amounts of the various substances mentioned earlier. We will consider an experiment in which transcription is blocked. We shall write down a mathematical model that describes how the amounts of mRNA and protein vary with time. Let x ( t ) denote the amount of mRNA and y ( t ) the amount of protein at time t ....
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