Children of Addiction - Takes focus off the Negative...

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APPENDIX C- Children of Addiction 1. Have a high tolerance for inappropriate behavior. 2. Cannot recognize the early stages of addiction. 3. Cannot recognize the absurd (abnormal) because they perceive such behaviors as normal. 4. Have problems with (a) intimacy, (b) control, (c) responsibility, (d) trust, and (e) identifying and expressing feelings. 5. Develop different defense mechanisms to protect self and to cope with dysfunctional family systems. 6. Learn 3 family rules: don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel.
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VISIBLE INNER REPRESENTS CHARACTER- WITHOUT WITH QUALITIES FEELINGS TO FAMILY ISTICS HELP HELP______ Visible Success Inadequate Self-Worth High achiever Workaholic Accept Failure Does what is right Family can be proud Grades Never wrong Responsible Family Friends Responsible for self, not all Hero S p o r t s f o r e v e r y t h i n g Good M a r r y executive Dependent____________________ Hostility Hurt
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Unformatted text preview: Takes focus off the Negative attention Unplanned Accept Defiance Guilt addict Won’t compete with pregnancy responsibility Scape-Anger family hero Trouble-maker Good Goat in school counselors Prison Courageous Ability to see Reality_________ Withdrawn Loneliness Relief (one child not Invisible Little zest for Independent Loner Unimportant to worry about) Quiet life Talented Lost N o f r i e n d s S e x u a l i d e n t i t y C r e a t i v e Child F o l l o w e r p r o b l e m s I m a g i n a t i v e Trouble making Promiscuous Decisions or stay alone- O f t e n d i e s a t Early age______________________ Fragile Fear Fun and humorous Hyperactive Ulcers, Can’t Take care of Immature (comic) Learning disability handle stress self Mascot Short attention span Compulsive No longer the M a r r y h e r o c l o w n F o r c a r e F u n t o b e w i t h _ _...
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Children of Addiction - Takes focus off the Negative...

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