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The Effects of Substance Abuse on Children: Children of substance abusers (COSAs) are often put in parenting situations with younger siblings and need help in learning just to be a child. COSAs will blame themselves before they will blame their parents. Lying is often common for all members of the family. COSAs may need help in learning that it is okay to tell the truth. COSAs often don’t feel they have a right to their own feelings because their parents denied or minimized these feelings. COSAs may look for approval by being compulsively helpful and may need help in understanding they have value all on their own.
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Unformatted text preview: COSAs have been verbally abused. It is highly likely they have been neglected and physically and/or sexually abused; touching of any kind may be threatening. PA Child Welfare Competency-Based Training Program. 309 An Introduction to Substance Abuse for Child Welfare Professionals Handout 28, Page 1 of 1 Expressions of strong feelings such as love may have occurred only during periods of parental AOD use; children, especially adolescents, may seek expressions of feelings through the use of chemicals....
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