Facts on Alcohol and Other Drug Use

Facts on Alcohol and Other Drug Use - Facts on Alcohol and...

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Facts on Alcohol and Other Drug Use in America The statistics from1998 show that substance abuse is still a big concern in the United States. The most popular drug of choices varies from county to county and is highly affected by availability. 76% of drug users are white 14% of drug users are Hispanic 44% of alcohol users are female 56% of alcohol users are male 3.4 million women of childbearing age use illicit drugs 13% of young adults ages 18-25 use illicit drugs 14 to 18% of all newborns are exposed to drugs during pregnancy 1,500 to 2,000 infants are born each year HIV positive Over 40,000 babies are born each year with physical or mental defects related to their mother’s drinking habits while pregnant. 74.4 million Americans (36%) age 12 and older have used drugs at least once in their lifetime An estimated 11.4 million people currently use drugs 3.4 million Americans used cocaine in the past year An estimated 3.4 million Americans are current
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