Scoring Rubric for 12 Step Meetings

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Student’s Name ____________________________________________________________ Scoring Rubric for MHS 6450 12-Step Meetings Component Expectation Points Awarded Introduction This brief introduction (1-2 paragraphs) will provide an overview of the three meetings attended. ___ / 10 max pts Attendance Log This log will record your attendance at three 12-step meetings, focusing on your thoughts and feelings (a) before the meeting, (b) during the meeting, and (c) following the meeting. Include what you learned by briefly speaking with at least one member at each group attended. There will be three entries in all, each
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Unformatted text preview: a minimum of one page per entry. ___ / 45 max pts Summary Paper This two to three (minimum) page paper summarizes your 12-step experience, noting (a) your overall thoughts and feelings about the meetings you attended, (b) what influenced your thoughts and feelings, and (c) what this exercise has taught you about what clients might experience. ___ / 45 max pts TOTAL POINTS Total points Total points for this assignment (total points/100 * 30): ___ / 100 ___ / 30 I have abided by the Code of Academic Integrity on this assignment. _______________________________________________________________ Signature/Date...
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