Scoring Rubric for Abstinence Exercise

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Student’s Name ____________________________________________________________ Scoring Rubric for MHS 6450 Abstinence Exercise Component Expectation Points Awarded Letter to My Substance/Behavior This letter (to be written in the first person) will serve as the introduction to the final paper and should include: (a) how your addictive substance/behavior is loved and is considered a “friend,” (b) how your addictive substance/behavior is sensual (appeals to your senses), (c) how your addictive substance/ behavior provides “healing” or is a “balm” to your emotional wounds, (d) how your addictive substance/behavior controls and promotes feelings of helplessness and entrapment, and (e) how your addictive substance/behavior is hated – what it has “cost” you. ___ / 23 max pts Abstinence Log This log will record your six week abstinence experience, focusing on a description of your feelings and reactions,
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Unformatted text preview: especially during (a) times you “lapse” or experience temptation, (b) times when it was both difficult and easy to abstain, and (c) specific circumstances during which you “slipped” (birthdays, holidays, and weekends seem especially difficult). There will be a minimum of eighteen entries in all, each a minimum of half a page per entry. ___ / 54 max pts Summary Paper This two to three (minimum) page paper summarizes your abstinence experience, noting (a) whether you succeeded or failed, (b) what influenced your success, slips, relapse, and/or failure, and (c) what the entire experience was like for you. ___ / 23 max pts TOTAL POINTS Total points Total points for this assignment (total points/100 * 30): ___ / 100 ___ / 30 I have abided by the Code of Academic Integrity on this assignment. _______________________________________________________________ Signature/Date...
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