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Student’s Name _____________________ Scoring Rubric for Ethical Case Study Assignment Component Expectation Points Awarded Introduction An introductory paragraph that 1) notes the thesis of the paper (what is the point of writing this?), 2) specifies the main topics that will be covered, and 3) hints at what you want the reader to know after completing your paper ___ / 5 max points Identify the problem Facts presented objectively and specifically (opinions, hypotheses, & assumptions removed). Identified the issue as an ethical, legal, professional, or clinical problem (or combination thereof). ___ / 10 max points ___ / 10 max points Apply Code of Ethics A review of the ACA or AAMFT/IAMFC Code of Ethics is presented (citing specific sections that were reviewed – e.g., “Section C.2 states that…”) as well as a mention of any suggested course of action. ___ / 10 max points Nature/dimensions of the dilemma A review of the applicable moral principals, the counseling literature that address the case’s topics, and evidence of
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