So you want to be a counselor

So you want to be a counselor - Hagedorn So you Want to be...

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Hagedorn MHS 6702 1 So you Want to be a Counselor, Huh? Training, Licensure, Certification, & Professional Memberships W. Bryce Hagedorn, PhD, LMHC, NCC, MAC Professional Identity • What do counselors do? – ACA: “…[apply] mental health, psychological or human developmental principles, through cognitive, affective, behavioral or systemic interventions, [by implementing] strategies that address wellness, personal growth, career – Intakes, assessments, psychological testing, counseling, personality testing, teaching, treatment plans, referrals, coordinate services, case-management, client-family- community education, documentation, professional/ethical Professional Identity Treatment Modalities/________________________________ child / adolescent counseling group counseling individual counseling family counseling gerontological counseling addictions counseling career counseling developmental counseling couples counseling guidance counseling Counseling is the primary professional service compared to: psychologists - assessment social workers - link clients to community resources psychiatric nurses - management of health care within a hospital setting
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Hagedorn MHS 6702 2 Professional Identity Where do professional counselors work? Elementary, Middle, and High schools Private agencies Community agencies University Counseling Centers Non-profits / for-profits Mental Health Agencies-outpatient (nonprofit) Vocational Bureau of Rehabilitation (BVR) Faith-Based Organizations (churches, temples) Consultation Services Private Practice: Career Counseling Wilderness Programs Home-Based Counseling Services Hospital Psychiatric Units/floors-inpatient Hospital ERs- Crisis Counselors State Psychiatric Hospitals Correctional Institutions Recovery Centers for CD Social services Corporations Research institutions Government agencies Private practice On-Line Counseling Services Grant-Funded Programs Residential Programs Homeless Shelters EAP’s: Employee Assistant Programs HMO’s: Health Management Organizations Professional Identity What Sets Professional Counselors Apart? 1. The best perspective for assisting individuals in resolving their emotional & personal issues & problems is _______________ __________________________ of mental health. 2. The issues & problems individuals face in life are __________ _____________________, and understanding the dynamics of human growth & development is essential to success as a helper. 3. __________________________ are far superior to
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So you want to be a counselor - Hagedorn So you Want to be...

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