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Hagedorn MHS 6245 1 Etiological Theories and a Special Bonus W. Bryce Hagedorn, PhD, LMHC, NCC, MAC Moral Model “…the result of ___________________________ and moral degradation [that] can be cured with willpower and a desire to abstain” Helping clients understand Be prepared to _________________________________ that the cause is ALL about choice/moral weakness Applicable perspectives The power of personal choice (from this point forward) The necessity for addressing ______________________ during treatment Physiological Model Also called the Disease and/or Medical Model Genetic Predisposition Theory (twin studies, human genome project, allergic reactions) __________________________________ Serotonergic/opioidergic pathway (related to pain regulation) Mesolimbic dopamine pathway (related to pleasurable sensations) Monoamine oxidase (MAO) levels (degeneration of dopamine and serotonin) Most prevalent in the 12 step (_________) and Medical Has been used to conceptualize other addictive disorders
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Hagedorn MHS 6245 2 Physiological Model Helping clients understand Its not about advocating responsibility Two key features: _____________ and Inability to abstain Whereas there was a choice at the beginning, now its more than just “not using” (an illness doesn’t just “go away”) Applicable perspectives P rimary P rogressive P rolonged P otentially Fatal P ositively Treatable Treating it like any other __________________________ ( 6 P’s ) intentionality Integrate the Addictive Cycle discussion Psychological Model Conscious and unconscious processes that lead to the escape of existential suffering Behavioral models–AOD/behavior use will reach addictive levels
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Etiological Theories Notes - Hagedorn EtiologicalTheories...

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