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Scoring Rubric for Presentation - Theory

Scoring Rubric for Presentation - Theory - Students Names...

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Students’ Names ____________________________________________________________ Scoring Rubric for Group Presentation (Theory) Component Expectation Points Awarded Structure A clear and well-organized presentation that: (a) includes an introductory statement (topic of presentation, names of speakers, speaker responsibilities, etc.), (b) has transitions between speakers, (c) stays within the allotted time, (d) provides a concluding statement that reiterates the main points of the presentation, and (e) demonstrates teamwork. ___ / 10 max points Presentation Methods A well-done presentation (PowerPoint or similar) that (a) demonstrates a balance of graphics and minimal text, (b) uses additional presentation methods where warranted (e.g., video, posters, music, etc.), and (c) demonstrates the presenters’ grasp of the material (minimal reliance on notes or overheads). ___ / 10 max points Brief Overview Sufficient background information is presented that demonstrates an understanding of the theory that you are presenting. This would be
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