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Hagedorn MHS 6245 1 Self-Injurious Behaviors • Statistics, definitions, and terminology • Why do they self-injure? • Triggers and co-occurring disorders • Classifications • Assessment and strategies for helping those who self-injure Statistics • Established early in adolescence (________% female) • Rates – Various studies: • 14%–39% in the general population (others – 50%) • 40%–61% in the clinical population (others – 80%) • 20% of college students • ___________________report child abuse Statistics • Who is a self-injurer? – Any race and socioeconomic background – ___________________ – Habitualistic Who is a self-injurer? Intolerable rage No language to express emotions Feelings of disconnection – Wears baggy clothes/long sleeve shirts – More experienced with ______________________ Highly impulsive ___________________ Low self-esteem Afraid, apologetic, lonely
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Hagedorn MHS 6245 2 Definitions and Terminology • What’s in a Name? – Self-Mutilating Behavior (SMB) – Self-Inflicted Violence (SIV) – Sel Injurious Behavior (SIB – Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB) • The ________________________ of one’s own body in a reaction to some sort of trauma • An act of aggression turned inward, toward the self • The end result is physical and tissue damage with ___________________________________ – Individuals who self-mutilate in any manner, are known as “cutters, carvers and _______________” Why do they cut? • Destructive vs. Adaptive • Relief from unpleasant experiences and feelings: • Depersonalization • Severe anxiety • Perceived external/internal flaws Racing thoughts/rapidly • _______________ • Depression • Hallucinations •S t r e s
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SIB Notes - Hagedorn Self-Injurious Behaviors Statistics...

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