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SELF-DIRECTED IMPROVEMENT PLAN Name: ______________________________________ Dates for the Week: ______________________ 1) Summary of Week's Activities (what did you do, how often, and when): a. Number of client contact hours this week: _____ b. Number of group contact hours this week: _____ c. Total number of client contact hours to date: _____ d. Number of non-client contact hours this week: _____ What (specifically) did you do during these hours? Other activities pertinent to practicum: 2) Impressions or Learning Drawn from This Week's Activities
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Unformatted text preview: (What directives/suggestions/tools have you been given through supervision?): 3) Progress Toward Stated Learning Goals (What progress are you making on EACH of your Learning Goals? Please list them according to counseling skills, self-awareness, case-conceptualization skills, and professional awareness): 4) Concerns or Questions Arising from this Week's Activities (things to bring into dyad/group supervision):...
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