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SESSION SUMMARY Name: W. Bryce Hagedorn Date: 20 January, 2003 Session Date: 20 January, 2003 Client(s): Session #: 1 Session Goals My goals for this first session were to establish rapport, to assess and normalize the clients’ presenting issues, to explore their background, to explore their expectations for counseling, and to establish treatment goals for our time together. How Well Goals Were Accomplished S: T is a 37 year old Caucasian female and J is a 45 year old Caucasian male. They were referred for counseling by LBC for issues resulting from their blended family. Prior to the session, T reported that J struggles with MOD, but this was not revealed during the session. The clients reported this being the second marriage for both of them. They have been married for 7 months and have been experiencing marital stress regarding their different ideas of how to express anger. T suggests that J’s anger can sometimes be explosive. J stated that he does have a tendency to “act decisively when other options
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