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Student’s Name ____________________________________________________________ Scoring Rubric for MHS 7808 Case Presentation Component Expectation Points Awarded Case Presentation 1. Introduction – The segment of tape is “set up” so that the group knows what is expected. 2. Selected Session – An appropriate session and part of the session is selected for supervision (a cued incident from supervision is provided). 3. Length of Tape – The segment used for supervision is approximately 10-20 minutes in length. 4. Case Write-up – A written outline or narrative summary of the case is provided for all group members that includes the following: a. Personal Data about Supervisee – Sufficient data [e.g., demographics, education/employment (supervisee’s program track, clinical work history, etc.), how supervisee presents him/herself, general impressions of the supervisee, supervisee's strengths and level of functioning, presenting concern (developmental stage)] is provided about the supervisee to aid in
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