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Student’s Name ____________________________________________________________ Scoring Rubric for MHS 7808 Final Model Paper Component Expectation Points Awarded Introduction An introduction that 1) notes where this paper (i.e. your supervision model) ended last semester, 2) specifies the main topics that will be covered, and 3) hints at the impact of the current semester on the development of the final product (i.e. your final supervision model). ___ / 5 max pts The Research & Class Readings Information gleamed through the assigned readings and other pertinent literature will be integrated throughout the body of the paper. Please bold the changes that are made to your original paper (there should be some significant updates to what you wrote last semester). ___ / 25 max pts Supervision Learning Goals How successful where you at attaining the Supervision Learning Goals that you set for the current semester? How were these goals related to your overall supervision model? What made it possible/what interfered with the attainment of your Learning Goals? ___ / 25 max pts
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