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Additional Details for the Case Presentation The purpose of case presentations is to provide opportunities for interactive group feedback. Prior to our meeting, organize information about the selected supervisee and your experiences with him/her. Please include a brief video presentation of the session (approximately 15-20 minutes of a selected piece of the session on which you would like specific feedback). Your introduction and review of the session should take 20 to 25 minutes; this will be followed by a time of group feedback and discussion. Each presentation is worth 30% of the final grade and will be graded on how thoroughly you cover the areas below. Please include the following information in your written case presentation: Personal Data about Supervisee o Age, race, gender o Education/employment (supervisee’s program track, clinical work history, etc.) o How supervisee presents him/herself o General impressions of the supervisee o Supervisee's strengths and level of functioning o Presenting concern (developmental stage) o Additional data pertinent to working with this supervisee (sexual orientation, spirituality, physical/intellectual limitations, etc) Summarization of Supervision History o Number of sessions you’ve had with the supervisee o A brief case conceptualization (What are your hypotheses? Use language grounded in the theory from which you are working with this supervisee)
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Supervision Forms - Additional Details for the Case...

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