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Test 2 Study Guide - o y(t) = - gt 2 + v t + y , freefall...

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Calculus Test 2 Curve Sketching o Domain o Intercepts o First derivative: increasing/decreasing, vertical tangents/cusps o Second derivative: concave up/down o Points of interest Max/Min Problems o Equation for quantity to be maximized/minimized o Express equation in terms of a single variable, use given conditions to eliminate other variables o Determine domain o Find extreme values Velocity and Acceleration o x(t) = position function o v(t) = velocity function, derivative of position function o a(t) = acceleration function, derivative of velocity function
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Unformatted text preview: o y(t) = - gt 2 + v t + y , freefall motion Related Rates o Find o Given o Equation o Derivative o Substitution Differentials o f (x + h) f(x) f(x)h o f = f(x + h) f(x) o df = f(x)h Definite Integrals and Area Approximations o Upper sums o Lower sums o Riemann sums o Antiderivative o Fundamental Theorem of Integration Area Between Curves o Definite integrals within specific intervals Indefinite Integrals o Antiderivative plus a constant, C U-Substitution...
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