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Chapter 3 Notes - -The magnitude of the gravitational field...

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Chapter 3 – The Fundamental Interactions The Gravitational Force - Made up of the relative position vector, the direction of the gravitational force, and the mass and magnitude of the gravitational force - - To calculate the gravitational force: 1. Calculate , the position of the center of object 2 relative to the center of object 1 2. Calculate the magnitude of r, the distance between the objects 3. Calculate the magnitude of the force 4. Calculate the direction of the force using the unit vector r 5. Multiply the magnitude times the direction to get the vector force
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Unformatted text preview: -The magnitude of the gravitational field near Earth’s surface is given by -Reciprocity or Newton’s third law of motion states that the magnitude of the gravitational interaction between object 1 on object 2 is the same as that of object 2 on object 1. The directions are opposite, however the magnitudes are the same. The Electric Force (Coulomb’s Law) • • The electric interactions are much stronger than gravitational interactions, as indicted by the constant • No minus sign is needed for the electric force...
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